Medical Translations - References in the Field of Medicine

We provide our medical clients with translations of technical manuals, medical-related texts, evidences of coverage, summaries of benefits, websites, brochures, and numerous other critical documents.

Medical translations require meticulous accuracy, with lives sometimes dependant upon the translation of a single word. Below is a list of just some of our clients in the medical industry, along with examples of work performed:

-Symphony Medical Products (Miami) ( Translation of technical manuals for medical products such as surgical tables, beds, stretchers, examination couches, X-ray illuminators, X-ray film processors, dental chairs, pro units and cuspidors, mobile aspirators, vacuum pumps, autoclaves, high speed centrifuges, amalgam collectors, steam sterilizers, IV stands, and other medical units and accessories.

-ZLB Plasma Services (Miami and Boca Raton) ( Translation of FDA-approved forms for blood and plasma donors in centers across the USA. Common topics include HIV, hepatitis, syphilis and other test results and information forms.

-Palmetto Fertility Center of South Florida Translation of website ( Translation of technical texts about assisted reproductive technologies, in-vitro fertilization, corporate texts, proposals, etc.

-The Wellness Community – Greater Miami ( Translation of presentations, brochures, educational texts on how to cope with cancer, the side effects of chemotherapy, anemia, neutropenia, etc.

-Vicor Technologies (Boca Raton) ( Translation of corporate texts, press releases, proprietary descriptions of hibernation-related biomolecule technologies, technical-text proposals and contracts with other companies such as Genomic Solutions, Calvert Laboratories, etc.