Do you want to pay less and get more? With Abracadabra, you can!

Abracadabra provides fast, top-quality translations, and we never charge extra for rush jobs.

Our prices are always competitive in the marketplace and are tailored to the individual project. This means no built-in "just in case" fees. We simply look at your project and determine the time required to translate it in a fast and accurate manner. Our quotes are exact and crystal-clear. No hidden fees, no taxes. That´s right! You do not pay taxes on our services.

We also offer volume discounts automatically and sometimes even special promotions. Ask about any special discounts when you request a quote by e-mail.

So what are the cost drivers for translations?

1) Technical language: Simple language is easier to translate than technical language. Our professionals are more than capable of handling technical jargon and industry-specific terms. But to ensure accuracy, additional time is required, which is reflected in the cost of the project.

2) Format: Documents in Microsoft Word, for example, are easier to work with than those in PowerPoint. Likewise, electronic material is easier to translate than hard copy. Additional time or technical expertise required due to formatting will involve a slightly higher fee.

The fact is: every project is unique. Because of this, we will need to see your material in order to provide you with an accurate estimate. Simply send us the material you want translated (or a sample thereof), and we will be more than happy to provide you with a fast, free, and detailed estimate.

There is absolutely no obligation and no fee for obtaining an estimate. And we keep all materials under strict confidentiality, whether you place the order or not.

We accept checks, money orders, bank transfers, credit cards, and debit of your checking account (electronic checks).