Frequently Asked Questions

Do you use machines or electronic translations?

No. We are a team of professional translators and editors who work “the old-fashioned way.” The only technology that we use are computers and their programs and tools (for example, spellers and dictionaries) in order to help us produce high-quality work.

Will the translation sound "native"?

Yes. Contrary to the methods used by most individual translators and other agencies, our translations are done by native speakers of the target language. For example, translations from Spanish into English are done by translators whose native language is English. Likewise, regional dialects are also taken into account. For quality assurance, our translations are always proofread and edited by at least one or two professional editors who are native speakers of the target language.

What are your prices or rates?

Every assignment is unique, which is why we cannot provide general rates. Instead, we give an exact quote for each assignment. This is a free, prompt, and friendly service. Email us at . If you send us the documents you need translated (or a sample thereof), we will reply promptly with an exact quote.

How can I be sure that my confidential or proprietary information will not be disclosed?

We are aware of the confidentiality issues inherent in the nature of the services we provide, and are very sensitive to these. We treat every assignment and all information sent to us as strictly confidential, whether you consider it confidential or not. The same applies to any and all files and/or information of any kind sent to us during an estimate request.

This is also true for contact and payment information. We are accustomed to translating confidential documents for individuals, corporations, law offices, and government offices, and we never disclose any of this information to anybody. We have many satisfied customers who have trusted us with their confidential information for years. If you wish, we would be more than happy to sign a confidentiality agreement.

Do you provide certified translations?

Yes. Upon request, we will print the translated documents on our letterhead and provide a certificate of accuracy, which is signed and notarized. For your convenience, the certified translations can be sent to you by regular mail or overnight delivery (for an additional fee) anywhere in the United States or in the world. Our certified translations are accepted by universities, immigration bureaus, embassies, and courts around the world.

Do you provide translations that will work on my computer?

Usually. If you use a PC with the Windows operating system, you should have no problems with foreign characters. If for any reason you do not have the foreign characters, we will help you install them, free of charge.

Where are you located?

Abracadabra Translations is an Internet-based company with translators around the world. This website is our virtual office, and we reply to e-mails promptly. You can send us your documents via e-mail and we can deliver the translated files by e-mail, regular mail, or overnight delivery (for an additional fee). You can also contact us by calling (954) 885-1744.

Do you provide interpreting services in person or over the phone?

No, we do not provide interpreting services. We specialize in the translation of written material.

Are you hiring?

We are not hiring at this time. Due to the large number of résumés and inquiries we receive, it is impossible for us to reply to every individual application. You are welcome to send us your information, but we will only contact you if a position becomes available.